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We have years of experience in the automotive industry - including performance upgrades and racing. Enhancing your driving experience, regardless of vehicle choice or driving preference is our goal. Why not give us the opportunity ?

Our performance services include:

Installation of Boost Kits
(Turbo and Superchargers)
Ignition Upgrades
Exhaust Upgrades
Intake Upgrades
Suspension Upgrades
Brake Upgrades
Full Car Restoration

Our performance product:
Torco Accelerator is not just another octane booster, it's a RACE FUEL CONCENTRATE! With many of the same additives as Torco's winning race fuel, Torco Accelerator is a blend of components which will transform the make-up of premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel. It creates greater efficiency...more horsepower!

Torco Racing oils Developed under the most severe racing conditions. Offer the highest level of performance and protection for highly modified race engines and high performance street engines respectively. Products utilize special additive technologies engineered to withstand extreme load, constant severe temperature and maximum engine revolutions. Torco Oils utilizes race specific MPZ® technology which reduce friction loss for maximizing horsepower and torque.
Please call for availably of specific Torco product needed
Torco racing oils

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